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Neck Pain Treatment at River Valley Back & Neck Clinic

A nagging case of neck pain can limit all kinds of activities involving the rest of the body. You may not be able to work, sleep, splay sports, and even concentrate due to pain and stiffness in this sensitive, vulnerable area. If you're worried that you may never be able to live your normal life again without some extreme treatment such as major neck surgery, you need to try the conservative care offered at River Valley Back & Neck Clinic in Fort Smith AR.

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The Many Kinds and Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain can strike for many possible reasons. While some people may experience neck pain in association with health crises such as a heart attack or meningitis, many cases can be traced to musculoskeletal injuries or chronic conditions.  A sudden impact to the body or head, for instance, can send the weight of the head flying with enough force to cause whiplash. Whiplash damage can include dislocated cervical vertebrae, herniated cervical discs, strained muscles and sprained ligaments, making normal neck motion painful or impossible. Degenerative issues such as bulging discs or cervical spinal stenosis can develop gradually until you find yourself suffering from chronic neck pain.

Even the way you hold your body can affect your neck comfort and function. Improper posture can put extra strain on certain muscles in the neck, causing chronic pain. If you spend a lot of time looking down at smartphones or monitors, you can develop an occupational injury known as "text neck." A small misalignment in the cervical spine can keep your head and in a constant (and painful) state of imbalance.

Neck Pain Treatment and Prevention From Our Fort Smith Chiropractor

Trust our Fort Smith chiropractor, Dr. Alan L. Osowski, to find the underlying cause of your neck pain and administer effective, non-surgical remedies. Careful analysis of your symptoms, lifestyle, posture, and medical history helps us identify the specific part of the neck suffering from damage or misalignment. We can then administer targeted chiropractic adjustments to restore the vertebrae, discs, and vertebral joints to their normal positions. We may also prescribe corrective exercises to help you rehabilitate injured or weak neck muscles.

Once your neck feels good again, preventative care can keep it healthy. We can recommend changes in your pillow, sleep position, workplace ergonomics, stretches, and other measures for preventing neck pain. 

Get Your Neck Issues Under Control, Starting Today

Don't let your neck pain set limits on your range of activities or enjoyment of everyday life. Get that pain under control by calling our Forth Smith clinic at 479-785-0400!

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